• Rajeev Kumar

    Rajeev Kumar

    All-around @Drupal geek, a movie buff, avid book reader & ardent lover of Indian Classical Music.

  • peter hoskins

    peter hoskins

    Founder of http://Hotline.io - Communication hub for customer teams. Product oriented CEO on my 5th company.

  • Seth


    Developer, Designer and Innovator @Fidelity... My comments and opinions are my own...

  • Josh Helfgott

    Josh Helfgott

  • Karina DeLuca

    Karina DeLuca



    Hier twittern Michael und Frank für Tandem. Wir sind eine Kommunikationsagentur in Stuttgart und bieten strategische Beratung, Markenkommunikation und Design.

  • Gavin Maguire

    Gavin Maguire

    Product Designer

  • Sally Anderson

    Sally Anderson

    Designer, developer, usability advocate, gamer, foodie, pet lady, occasional unicorn, INTJ, and all-around geek. UX Consultant

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